A New eBird Vermont Website has Hatched

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May 1, 2024 by Kent McFarland

Many of you might have noticed that the eBird Vermont website has been refreshed and improved. We have worked with eBird central and other regional eBird networks over the past year to create this new design.

Now, eBird auto-detects where you are in the world and serves you the regional eBird portal for that location. If you are in Vermont, you should be sent to the eBird Vermont portal. On rare occasions, this automation doesn’t work properly. But, you can set your user account to always use eBird Vermont no matter where you are.

Simply visit eBird and when you are logged in you will see at the top right corner a drop down with a small person symbol. Select that drop down and then select Preferences (https://ebird.org/prefs). On this page, scroll to the bottom and select Fixed region preference and in the box type in Vermont and then select the suggestion it finds – Vermont, United States. Now you will be sent to the eBird Vermont portal anytime you are online! No matter where you enter your eBird checklists, all of your data, including past checklists, are contributed to the appropriate regional portals automatically based on their location. You can also set eBird Mobile to use the Vermont portal. In the app, go to More, then Settings and Account. At the bottom is Portal with a drop down. Select Vermont eBird.

The latest improvements to the eBird website deliver personalized content and fresh features for every region in the world. Upgraded Explore Region pages deliver all the recent birding activity you crave, plus NEW sections highlighting eBirding This Month and Year, feeds of public Trip Reports for every region, and locally-relevant information curated by regional partner networks.

eBirding This Month and Year
The new eBirding This Month / eBirding This Year provides up-to-date eBirding stats for all regions and eBird Hotspot. This section is constantly updating with the newest species added, and for all counties, states, provinces, and countries, the top “Community Targets”: species that haven’t yet been reported for this month, but that are most likely to be found based on past years of eBirding in the region. Check back every day for new targets, fresh finds, and to see what you can contribute.

Explore Public Trip Reports
You asked and we delivered. Finally, a way to view other people’s eBird Trip Reports! Regional Explore pages now display the 10 most recent public eBird Trip Reports within that region. To see your Trip Report featured here, make sure to set the visibility of your Trip Report to “Public”.

Thanks for joining us at eBird Vermont, the first eBird state portal founded in 2003. Almost 16,000 eBirders have contributed over 716,000 complete checklists, all 392 known species, and more than  8.7 MILLION bird records from across Vermont. Thank you for contributing to science and conservation. Those data are helping us to understand birds in Vermont like never before. View the Status and Trends site for Vermont and explore some of the results yourself.

Birding is a collective effort. Through eBird, every person can make a difference in our understanding of birds and nature. We hope these improvements provide you with more fun ways to engage with eBird, connect with the birding community, and see the impact of your bird observations. Enjoy!