There is no better time to identify observations from other naturalists than when the weather outside is frightful and the nights are long and dark. Join us in turning observations into research-grade for science and conservation. You don't have to be an expert to help make a difference!

The Vermont Atlas of Life depends on iNaturalist and eButterfly as ever-growing sources of biodiversity data. Once observations have been uploaded to iNaturalist or eButterfly, they need to be independently identified and verified by other users. Its called crowd-sourced identification, and the more people that are able to add an identification to an observation, the more likely it is correct. Only these verified data can be used for research and conservation.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

There are more than 723,800 verifiable observations on iNaturalist for Vermont. Together, we’ve made 474,030 into Research Grade so far. But we have hundreds of thousands more to identify. At eButterfly, there are over 109,200 checklists and 461,100 observations, many of which need more review.

Grab you field guides and help us improve these important biodiversity databases!

From January through February, join our mission and let’s see who can identify the most observations. Every ID helps! Maybe you can be a top 10 identifier! Of course, we all have to be careful and only identify those observations in which we can positively identify! But everyone can help no matter how much experience you have.

Learn how to use Identify tools on iNaturalist and eButterfly