With a goal of expanding knowledge and promoting conservation, the Vermont Moth Atlas is dedicated to open data. This atlas is a free public resource.

With almost 60,000 records, most of the available atlas data resides at the Vermont Atlas of Life and Vermont Moths on iNaturalist.

View and download all Giant Silkmoth data and metadata from the 2002-2007 Vermont Butterfly and Giant Silkmoth Survey.

We will be making more occurrence data available for download soon.

Do You Have Moth Occurrence Data to Share?

Perhaps you have a large dataset of species observations that are only on paper forms. Or maybe you have an old spreadsheet or database from work you completed long ago that is somewhere on your computer. Maybe you have notebooks filled with field sightings. Or you manage a collection of pinned specimens. Whatever the situation, your hard work will be more widely used for science, conservation and education if others can access it now and far into the future. We are here to help you share and archive your moth data with others. Learn more about VAL data sharing.