Smith's Spur-throat Grasshopper (Melanoplus mancus)

Smith’s Spur-throat Grasshopper (Melanoplus mancus) © dracunculus (iNaturalist)

Smith’s Spur-throat Grasshopper is primarily found in New England, north from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It may also be found in adjacent Canada.

It lives in small scattered colonies in open areas, often in exposed, rocky, mountain slopes in association with Vaccinium.  In eastern mountains occurs between 600 and 1000 meters (NatureServe Explorer).

Smith’s Spur-throat Grasshopper is alert and agile; when approached it springs suddenly and to a distance, and sometimes makes several leaps in succession ( Morse, 1920 ).

Also called Smith’s Short-winged Grasshopper.

Conservation Status

Global: G4G5


Smith’s Spur-throat Grasshopper probably reaches maturity in late July and early August, with specimens taken as late as early September. (Morse, 1920).

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