Short-winged Green Grasshopper (Dichromorpha viridis)

Short-winged Green Grasshopper (Dichromorpha viridis) © Greg Lasley (iNaturalist)

The range of Short-winged Green Grasshoppers is eastern North America and the eastern Great Plains. This grasshopper exhibits two color phases, green and brown, as well as two wing length morphs, long-winged and short-winged.

Its habitat includes grassy areas such as pastures, fields, or roadsides, and also marginal wooded areas, lake and pond sides. It especially enjoys moist places where the grass is dense and luxuriant. This preference has been proposed as a reason for the more generally prevalent green color, which helps it to blend in with its surroundings. The ability to camouflage itself is useful, as it is a sluggish creature and rarely uses its wings even when these are fully developed (Morse 1920).

Conservation Status

Global: G5


Adults generally found summer to early fall.

In southern Indiana adults are found seasonly from July to September. Adults occur year round in Florida, and in Texas the most common period for adult activity is August to November (NatureServe Explorer)

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