Narrow-winged Tree Cricket (Oecanthus niveus)

Narrow-winged Tree Cricket (Oecanthus niveus) © santafesandy (iNaturalist)

Narrow-winged Tree Crickets most commonly live in the crowns of broad-leaved trees, though they may also be found on very tall plants, in understory trees, orchards, shrubbery, tangled undergrowth.

Some references to the Narrow-winged Tree Cricket give it an alternate name of Snowy Tree Cricket.  This confusion may arise because the scientific name of this species, Oecanthus niveus, was mistakenly applied to O. fultoni (Snowy Tree Cricket) prior to 1960.

Conservation Status

Global: GNR


Early August to mid-October in Ohio; mid May to December in north Florida. In south Florida, adults occur year round. (Singing Insects of NA)

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