Undoubtable Lady Beetle © Tom Murray

Undoubtable Lady Beetle © Tom Murray

The Undoubtable Lady Beetle is native to North America. Its wing covers are black with three pale spots on each. Male and female markings differ from each other.



The Undoubtable Lady Beetle has not been ranked in the United States or Canada.

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Fun Fact

The Undoubtable Lady Beetle might get its name from physical characteristics that make it distinct and easy to identify compared to other species.


The Undoubtable Lady Beetle is 2.5 to 3.2 mm in length, with a body that is oval in overall shape.


Likely forests.

General Range

Found in the midwestern to eastern United States. North to New Hampshire and Minnesota, south to North Carolina and Tennessee.


Likely aphids.

Life Cycle

Unknown. Little research has been done on this species.

More Information

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