Every lady beetle counts — from the common to the rare. Even if you lack experience with these insects, you can contribute to the Vermont Lady Beetle Atlas. Whether you help with full surveys or just find a few beetles while doing other outdoor activities, It's easy to report your sightings to the Vermont Lady Beetle Atlas on iNaturalist.

No matter what your participation level is, join the Vermont Lady Beetle Atlas on iNaturalist and upload your Lady Beetle observations there.

Incidental Encounters

This option allows you to document lady beetles wherever and whenever you find them – you do not need to visit a specific site.


Full Site Surveys

Adopt a Historic Site

This is the most active way to participate in the Atlas. We hope many of you will “adopt” a region where missing lady beetle species were historically recorded (see more information below) and survey it often. You can just upload incidental encounters in these sites, but we hope that you will actively survey in these areas for lady beetles.


Survey a site of your choosing

If you cannot access any of the historic sites, but you can access a site that you can regularly survey, that is okay! This is still valuable data.


Download the Manual for Participants (PDF) and get ready to help us discover lady beetle life!