Ten-spotted Spurleg Lady Beetle © Tony Palmer

The Ten-spotted Spurleg Lady Beetle is native to North America. It is most active from May to August. This species is usually black with light yellow spots.



No status ranking exists in the United States or Canada.

Last Seen

2017 (possible)

Fun Fact

Ten-spotted Spurleg Lady Beetles’ species name (decempustulata) means “ten” and “blister, bubble”.


The Ten-spotted Spurleg Lady Beetle is 1.8 to 2.8 mm in length, and is slightly elongate in shape.


Mostly found in forests, sometimes found during herbaceous sweep netting.

General Range

Midwestern to eastern United States, north from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to North Dakota, south to Florida and Louisiana.


Likely arboreal aphids.

Life History

One study found the Ten-spotted Spurleg Lady Beetle to occur from mid-May to mid-September, with the highest occurrence frequency recorded in July. This study mostly found Ten-spotted Spurleg Lady Beetles using malaise trapping and yellow sticky traps, with very few specimens collected by sweep netting or visual search. Little is known about this species.

More Information

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