Spotted Lady Beetle © Laura Gaudette

The Spotted Lady Beetle (also known as the Spotted Pink Lady Beetle) is an oblong, pinkish-red lady beetle with a total of twelve black spots on its wing covers. This beetle is native to North America and commonly feeds on aphids, other insect species, and pollen. They are most commonly found among crops that support aphid populations and are most abundant in September.



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Fun Fact

At least one study has shown that planting flowers among aphid-susceptible crops reduces pest density because Spotted Lady Beetles attracted by the flowers’ pollen will also feed on the nearby aphids.

More Information

You can find more information about Spotted Lady Beetles on their iNaturalist Species Account and their Bug Guide info page.

Vermont Distribution

Visit the iNaturalist Observation Map to find out where Spotted Lady Beetles have been seen in Vermont.