Scymnus fraternus © Guy Hanley

Scymnus fraternus © Tom Murray

Scymnus fraternus is native to North America. This species is primarily dark brown with some reddish-brown markings.



Ranked as Imperiled in Ontario. Scymnus fraternus is not ranked in the United States.

Last Seen


Fun Fact

Scymnus fraternus‘s pattern can vary between individuals.


Roughly 2 to 2.5 mm in length – no exact length description of Scymnus fraternus was found, length range was pulled from the photo records on Bug Guide.


Likely arboreal. Has been found on flowers in gardens.

General Range

North to South Dakota through southern Maine, east to the coast, south to Louisiana and central Florida. West to Iowa and Missouri. One record in Texas.


Likely aphids, mites, and scale insects.

Life History


More Information

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Vermont Distribution

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