Pine Dusky Lady Beetle © Gilles San Martin

The Pine Dusky Lady Beetle is an introduced species from Europe. Its wing covers are hairy and reddish-brown with an elongated darker patch toward the pronotum. This species is often found around conifers and mixed forests.



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Fun Fact

The Pine Dusky Lady Beetle is only 1.5 to 2 mm in length.


Pine Dusky Lady Beetles are 1.5 to 2 mm in length. They are very oblong in form.


Coniferous forests, especially Scots Pine in the Pine Dusky Lady Beetle’s native range, and other pine stands. Prefers younger pine forests and forest edges.

General Range

Introduced to eastern North America (north to Nova Scotia through Quebec, south to Virginia through Michigan). Native to the Palearctic.


Pine and hemlock adelgids, mealybugs, other aphids, and scales as well.

Life History

Frequently aggregates and overwinters in the bark of host trees. Little information is available on the life history.

More Information

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Vermont Distribution

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