Octavia Lady Beetle © Karen Bourque

Octavia Lady Beetle © Tom Murray

Octavia Lady Beetle © Tom Murray

Octavia Lady Beetles are very similar in appearance to Undulate Sigil Lady Beetles. There is very little known about the species. More images can be found here.



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Fun Fact

Casey, the researcher who described the Octavia Lady Beetle, capitalized “Octavia” in the description, indicating that this Lady Beetle was likely named after someone named Octavia.


Octavia Lady Beetles are between 2.2 and 2.8 mm long, and are elongate in form. They can be difficult to distinguish from Undulate Sigil Lady Beetles. Octavia Lady Beetles are typically larger and less elongate in form than Undulate Sigil Lady Beetles.


Has been found on Willow (Salix sp.). Has also been reported in meadows.

General Range

Seems to extend south to Mississippi, east to the coast, north into Quebec, and west to Minnesota and Alberta. Range may extend further, no full range map appears to be available.


Likely aphids and other small, soft-bodied insects.

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Vermont Distribution

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