Hieroglyphic Lady Beetle © Charlie Hohn

Hieroglyphic Lady Beetle © Roman Providukhin

Hieroglyphic Lady Beetle © Jerry McCormick

Hieroglyphic Lady Beetle © Brans Victor

The Hieroglyphic Lady Beetle is native to North America, as well as Europe and Asia. It feeds on aphids and overwinter in coarse, woody debris. It is usually red with large black spots outlined by yellow bands.



Listed as Imperiled in Nova Scotia; Vulnerable in New Brunswick; and Apparently Secure in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. The Hieroglyphic Lady Beetle has not been ranked in the United States.

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Fun Fact

Hieroglyphic Lady Beetles can be found north beyond the Polar Circle.


Hieroglyphic Lady Beetles are typically 3.7 to 4.7 mm in length.


Shrubby vegetation and trees.

General Range

Northeastern United States, west through the Great Lakes to the coast, then north across most of Canada, excluding much of British Columbia. Can also be found in Europe and parts of Asia.


Feeds on aphids, leaf-beetle larvae, and small caterpillars.

Life History

Unknown. Very little information is available on the Hieroglyphic Lady Beetle.

More Information

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