Hyperaspis disconotata © KP McFarland

Hyperaspis disconotata © KP McFarland

Hyperaspis disconotata © KP McFarland



Global Status: No status rank, listed as Vulnerable in New Brunswick.

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Fun Fact

The name (both common and Latin) of the Disk-marked Lady Beetle (H. disconotata from Latin discus) refer to the oval, disk-shaped markings on the wing covers.


The Disk-marked Lady Beetle is 2.3 to 2.8 mm in length. The body is overall elongate in form.


There is some indication that this species may be arboreal, also found in boreal ecosystems.

General Range

West to the upper mid-western United States, east to the New England coast, and north to Quebec through Alberta.


Likely aphids or scale insects.

Life Cycle


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