Brachiacantha felina © Mike Quinn,

Brachiacantha felina © Mike Quinn,

Brachiacantha felina © Mike Quinn,

Brachiacantha felina is native to North America. It is generally black with large red or yellow spots.



This species does not have a status ranking in the United States or in Canada. Very little is known about it.

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Fun Fact

Brachiacantha felina has a synonym species: Brachiacantha rotunda (Gordon, 1985).


This beetle matures to be 2.2 to 3.2 mm in length, and is round in overall shape.


Seems to be an edge species–most commonly associated with forests but occasionally found on some grasses and legumes.

General Range

Eastern and midwestern United States, north from Massachusetts to Minnesota, south from North Carolina to Oklahoma.


Likely aphids.

Life History

B. felina can be found from the beginning of April to the end of November. One study noted that they seem to occur in the greatest numbers in May and possibly towards the end of the season, before hibernation, as well. Larvae may be associated with ants like others in the Brachiacantha, but this is not confirmed. Very little is known about this species.

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