Bigeminate Sigil Lady Beetle © Jason Michael Crockwell

Bigeminate Sigil Lady Beetle © Meghan Cassidy

Bigeminate Sigil Lady Beetle © Meghan Cassidy

The Bigeminate Sigil Lady Beetle is native to North America. This species is usually found in deciduous forests. Each wing cover is black with one large yellow or red spot towards its back end.



Not ranked in the United States. Ranked as Secure in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

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Fun Fact

The Bigeminate Sigil Lady Beetle’s species name (bigeminata) means “double twin spotted”.


The Bigeminate Sigil Lady Beetle is 2.3 to 3.4 mm in length.


Associated with deciduous forests. Has been found to prey on the invasive crapemyrtle bark scale. In Novia Scotia, the Bigeminate Sigil Lady Beetle has been found exclusively in flying traps in deciduous forests.

General Range

Midwestern through eastern United States, north into Canada.


Scale insects and mealybugs, particularly those on trees.

Life History

Seems to be most abundant in early summer. One study found that an outbreak of a scale insect, the oak eriococcid (Eriococcid quercus), during 1995 was accompanied by an unusually large number of Bigeminate Sigil Lady Beetles, which may indicate that these lady beetles respond quickly to changes in prey populations. The  Bigeminate Sigil Lady Beetle seems to be highly sensitive to biopesticide use. Little is known about these insects.

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