Asian Lady Beetle © Susan Elliott

To many, the Asian Lady Beetle is the classic “ladybug”. Its coloration is most often red or orange, and it can have 0-22 black spots. This species is native to Asia, however it is now found throughout much of North America and in parts of Europe. In the cooler months, Asian Lady Beetles go dormant. You will often find them congregating in warm spots in your house or other buildings. Although ferocious predators of agricultural pests, they have likely played a significant role in the disappearance of many native Lady Beetle species.



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Fun Fact

Asian Lady Beetles have a surprising number of names — so many in fact that the UK nick-named it the “many-named ladybird”. Some of these names include: harlequin, southern, Japanese, and pumpkin lady beetle.

More Information

You can find more information about Asian Lady Beetles on their iNaturalist Species Account and their Bug Guide info page.

Vermont Distribution

Visit the iNaturalist Observation Map to find out where Asian Lady Beetles have been seen in Vermont.