Owing to its itinerant and migratory nature, this large darner can appear just about anywhere⁠—at a pond in your own backyard, along a lake shore, down a street, or above a field— Common Green Darner is probably America's most cosmopolitan dragonfly. And, it is relatively easy to identify!

At nearly 3 inches long (about the length of your pointer finger) with a wingspan of 4 inches, this is the largest dragonfly in North America. It is also one of the first dragonflies to be spotted in our skies in the spring. When they arrive, males will patrol back and forth above beaver ponds, farm ponds, lakes, and other quiet water bodies. A pair of binoculars will help you spy on them more readily, but you should be able to identify them easily without their aid. Have your camera or smartphone ready to capture a photo as they speed back and forth.

Key Field Marks

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