Discover the best places for birding nearby or around the world using the eBird hotspot explorer. You can explore eBird hotspots in a map-based tool designed to provide quick access to all the information you need.

The Hotspot Explorer provides a completely new way to plan birding trips, putting thousands of records from hundreds of Vermont eBirders into your hands.

mansfield-hotspotAt a glance, you can see which birding locations have the most species. You can filter to show only the results for a particular month, for the last 10 years, or sites with visits during the last month. The hotspot explorer may even help reveal some hidden gems near you that you never knew about!

The Hotspot Explorer can be accessed via eBird’s View and Explore tab.

When you first arrive at the map, you see a broad grid representing species diversity. The hottest areas are bright red. Click on any grid cell to see the diversity value. Zoom in to see finer grid cells, and zoom in further to view individual hotspots (also coded by diversity). When you zoom in and reveal the hotspots, you can click on the locations to get a quick pop-up summary of the information from that location.

When you click the “View Details” option on a hotspot pop-up, you get a new page specific to that location with data summaries and more information relevant to eBirders. The most recent sightings list is a full species list for the hotspot. You can expand this to see the images, audio files, and comments by clicking “Show All Details”. “Recent Visits” gives you quick links to the latest checklists submitted from the hotspot. You can also link directly to the Bar Charts or High Counts for a hotspot from this page.