Join the survey and help us learn more about Vermont's native bees. We can't do it alone! And you don't need to know a Northern Amber Bumble Bee from a Silky Striped Sweat Bee to join the survey. We'll have a training in May and help you each step of the way. In 2019 we'll be surveying across Chittenden County. It's a big area and we need your help!

For the first year of this survey, we are seeking volunteers that can adopt, or at least partially adopt, one of the twelve priority blocks randomly selected across Chittenden County. If we are able to fill these blocks, we’d like to add more survey blocks. So the more people that volunteer, the more areas we can survey. What does adopting a survey block entail? At a minimum it means a few days a month visiting a survey block in Chittenden County from May through September, placing and retrieving bee bowls and netting bees in different areas. Are you interested in helping and learning more about our native bees? You can learn more on our FAQ page.