Alasmidonta_marginataThe Elktoe was not discovered in Vermont until 2000 in a short stretch (~ 5 miles) of the Lamoille River in Fairfax and Georgia.

Key Characteristics

Conservation Status


Found in small to large streams and small to medium rivers. It is a riffle species, preferring swifter currents over packed sand and gravel substrates. It is typically only found in clean, clear water where it burrows securely into the sand-filled spaces between stones.

Host Species

Reported fish hosts found in Vermont include White Sucker (Catastomus commersoni), Shorthead Redhorse (Moxostoma nacrolepidotum), and Rockbass (Ambloplites rupestris).


Only found in an approximately 5 mile stretch of the Lamoille River.

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