From the common to the rare, we need your help in recording butterflies in Vermont. Everyone knows what a butterfly looks like and many of you are armed with a camera. Help us help the butterflies!


There are two ways for you to add your butterfly observations to the Vermont Atlas of Life.

ebutterflye-Butterfly is a real-time, online checklist program for butterfly watchers, eButterfly is providing a new way to report, organize and access information about butterflies in Vermont and beyond. Many dedicated butterfly watchers enter their data directly on e-Butterfly. If you are recording a lot of butterfly sightings, check out e-Butterfly.


inaturalist vermont top

For those of you that are using iNaturalist Vermont to report all of your biodiversity observations and occasionally photograph butterflies too, iNaturalist Vermont is a good place to report your incidental sightings of butterflies. Adding your photo-observations to our iNaturalist Vermont site is easy. Once you sign up, check out the help and tutorials and then get outside and start collecting important biodiversity observations in your neighborhood, park, garden, meadow, or natural area.

Photographing Butterflies

With over 100 species of butterfly in Vermont, some that closely resemble each other, be sure to check out our tips on how to best photograph them to make it easier for experts to help you identify them.

Identifying Butterflies

Some species can be tricky, but with a bit of practice and patiences, you can learn to identify most of Vermont’s species. Here are a few great field guides to help you: