Female foraging on highbush blueberry. See https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/12807025.

B. fernaldae is an uncommon species. Though its hosts are not rare in Vermont, there are few records. However, because its hosts are not in serious decline, B. fernaldae is not considered to be of conservation concern.

Select food plants: Potentilla (Typical Cinquefoils), Rubus, Trifolium (Clovers), Solidago (Goldenrods)
Hosts: B. perplexus, B. rufocinctus
Similar Species: B. insularis

females: May – September
males: June – September

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Conservation Status

State: S
Global: G

Vermont Records

There are two historic records for this bee in Vermont. One was taken in 1936 in Whittingham and a second that was taken in Island Pond in 1963. Four were reported in 2018 from Northwestern Vermont. 

Known locations with biophysical regions depicted by black lines and counties by gray lines.