Data sharing has become an important issue in modern biodiversity research to address large scale questions and conserve species. Despite the steadily growing scientific and conservation demand, data are not always easily accessed. Worse, it may be lost forever if it is not properly archived.

Data found at VAL and its networks are provided by a wide range of cooperating organizations, websites, individuals, community groups, government agencies and others. VAL works closely with data providers to assist them to better capture, manage, and share biodiversity data.

Do You Have Biodiversity Data to Share?

Perhaps you have a large dataset of species observations that are only on paper forms. Or maybe you have an old spreadsheet or database from work you completed long ago that is somewhere on your computer. Maybe you have notebooks filled with field sightings. Whatever the situation, your hard work will be more widely used for science, conservation and education if others can access it now and far into the future. Whether you want to create a specific atlas on our site, share data with others, or just archive your data for the future with restrictions – we’re here to help you find a solution that fits.

Based on GBIF Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT), the VAL IPT data repository is a good way to publish your data if you want a fully available and updated repository with assigned DOI for giving you credit and tracking use.

View and Download Data

Vermont Atlas of Life IPT

As an official data publisher for GBIF, new and updated datasets on our IPT are being added all the time. From species checklists to occurrence data, visit our IPT server to see what is available and consider contacting us to add your data too.

Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)

There are more than 275 biodiversity datasets containing nearly 3.4 million Vermont occurrence records shared from around the world with GBIF. VAL has helped to provide over 3 million bird records via Vermont eBird and over 156,000 via the Vermont Atlas of Life on iNaturalist. Visit GBIF to view and download data from Vermont.

If you don’t see the data you are searching for, contact us as we may not have provided it online yet.